185-10 PIN-Lock Lite with Metal Keypad


The 185-10 PIN- Lock Lite offers a secure keypad access control system by separating the keypad function from the control electronics. Accessing the wires between the keypad and module will not compromise the security of the installation.

The 185-10 system stores up to 50 PIN codes and all programming is done from the keypad using a Master PIN code.

The keypad is made from brushed anodised aluminium and is ideal for corporate installations where stylish looks are important. The keypad is equally suitable for outdoor installation.

For optimum security the control module should be installed in a secure area and may be mounted up to 50 metres from the keypad.

The unit also has a Bell button which can operate 3rd party equipment or the 116-30 Relay module. The unit also provides for an "exit" pushbutton.

The control module has a relay with voltage free change over contacts. The relay can be programmed to operate in pulse mode with a time range of 1 59 seconds or in toggle mode.

Green and Red indicators indicate operational and programming states and a sounder indicates when a key is pressed.

The control module is mounted in a plastic carrier with a foam backed peel-off adhesive for convenient mounting. The unit may also be mounted using the 3 mm mounting holes.



  • Power : DC 11V-13.6V or 22V-27.2V. AC 10-12V RMS or 20V-24V RMS
  • Current consumption is 50 mA typical with relay operating.
  • Storage of 50 PIN codes
  • PIN code length - 4 digits
  • Timed "lockout" after three false PINs
  • Adding and deleting PINs is done by simple use of a Master PIN
  • Bi-colour LED (GREEN, RED).
  • Operating temperature range: 0 C - +60 C.
  • Weight (gms): Keypad 170 gms. Control Module 50 gms
  • Dimensions (mm) :
    1. Module 70 x 60 x 21
      Keypad 155 x 44 x 12 ( 20mm diam x 16mm deep hole for cable gland at rear of keypad)
  • Relay : Single Pole change over contacts 10A 125VAC / 6A 250VAC / 6A 28VDC
  • Open Collector output for Bell function - can be connected to 116-30 relay module.

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    View/download product data sheets:

    185-10 PIN-Lock Lite with Metal Keypad Datasheet Rev 4.pdf
    185-10 PIN-Lock Lite Handbook Rev 3.pdf

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